More from early reviewers of “Circular Leadership”

Having been privileged to sit in on a Co-Creation Council meeting, I’m excited to confirm that Circular Leadership is the way of the future, the process clearly outlined in this easy-to-read book. The fact that, unlike linear or hierarchal leadership models, the contributions of every member are respected and appreciated makes this approach new and refreshing. Ultimately, this type of leadership not only leads to consensual decisions and group accountability but also to spiraling growth for all concerned.

–Christine Page MD Author, Frontiers of Health

Circular Leadership – Together We Rise brings an essential transformation from our linear and hierarchal models to the stability and coherence of the circle, reclaiming the “whole,” and offering innovation, expression and heightened sensitivity to all.

Since the circle represents the very foundation of our life, focus on the essence and structure of the circle creates a container formed from each one present. This circular structure brings safety and cohesion in ways that are then grounded in more productivity, clearer communication and stronger group connection, congruence and trust. Throughout their writings, co-authors of this anthology demonstrate this concept of interconnectedness and the grand possibility of a world where when one succeeds, all succeed.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena,, Author of I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena; Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul-full Living; Honoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding & Communication; Heartful Living: Engaging From Our Hearts With All Life; The light Magnificent & The Power of Grace; Cynthia’s Promise.

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  1. I’ve have known Linda Roebuck and been involved in her organization, A Community of Transformation, for many years. Linda is a true transformative healer/leader/peacemaker on so many levels. Always I feel a positive shift in consciousness and deep healing when I participate in an ACT gathering. Linda IS circular leadership. She gently gathers and leads people to their own inner healing powers. She is a spiritual gift to the world. I feel I’ve been touched by an earth angel. I love her new book “Circular Leadership”, because it speaks of our oneness/wholeness. Even though each personal story is as different as stones along the beach, each one expresses a common drive, search for life’s meaning, purpose and spiritual enlightenment/bliss. I know many of the contributors and am touched by their honesty and insight. I found myself in each story! Thank You Linda and all of your contributors to Circular Leadership. Namaste, Sue Amos

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