About Circular Leadership

What if leadership is something deeply rooted in universal truths, energy, vibration, sacredness, authenticity and trust?   Just imagine what would be possible for you, your work, and our political and corporate structures if the Circular Leadership Model of collaboration and co-creation were used across the board!

Circular Leadership is not based on traditional methods of learning, teaching and leading. It is not limited to intellectual or academic knowledge. Circular Leadership must be experienced and felt in order to fully understand and know its potential. It requires understanding of, and attention to, the universal principles that apply to all life, expansion and evolution.

Now, if you want a taste of how circular leadership works, what the experience of “circle” feels like, and where the circle can lead, then this book is for you. The experiences described in this book come from people with different backgrounds and belief systems. They are written in different styles, and convey different types of content for different purposes. Some of the authors share personal experiences, some share personal perspectives, and some provide practical guidance. This is intentional. It reflects Circular Leadership because each individual author wrote from the heart on a topic that they were passionate about, in a manner that suited them best. Yet, all the authors held a shared intention for the book – to create a work that showcased the personal value and global potential of a leadership model that has been used successfully for almost two decades to operate and manage a non-profit organization.

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