Sample Reviews

Here are a couple of examples of Amazon reviews:

  1. Circular Leadership Together We Rise has given me the opportunity to reflect within myself. Various chapters guide the reader to review the divine within each of us through an openhearted self-guidance. As we walk the unity path in this lifetime and in this shell, this book can lead us to better connect to the universal energy of equality, love, caring and kindness. We are truly one, part of the same ocean, with various waves surfing it. My hope is for organizations to take on this style of governance and leadership to further unify humanity. I recommend this book to those not afraid of inclusion and willing to give a voice to all.The following statements in the book left me in deep thoughts:

    * Together we rise, together we thrive. We believe in circles because circles take no sides.
    * We are the spokes of a wheel, rather than the rungs of a ladder.
    * The role is not to lead the group but to guide the energy that empowers the group.
    * Change the “i” in illness with “we,” you get wellness.

  2. There are so many paradigms of division in our culture that have brought us to a confusing time in evolution. In my lifetime I have seen the absolution of many completely inhumane practices, and yet peaceful, equitable solutions for global issues still has not been reached. A paradigm shift is a tough assignment, yet one that is taken on in “Circular Leadership”. Linda Roebuck has brought forth a concept whose time has come. The intellectual and spiritual insights of the collaborative authors offer strategies to make authentic change. Now is the time, this is the book, and we are all a part of a new consciousness that just may bring the peace we want to see in the world.