The Sunday Celebration of Circular Leadership!

Our Closing Circle

On Sunday, November 10, 2019, A Community of Transformation (ACT) came together to celebrate Linda Roebuck and the launch of her collaborative book “Circular Leadership: Together We Rise.” Linda spoke about the book and more importantly the meaning and transforming power of Circular Leadership.  We concluded the celebration in a joyous circle while Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer led the singing of “Together We Rise” the theme of the book and Bob’s contribution to its writing and high vibrational energy.

Bob and Shannon Singing “Together We Rise”

And you can download the Bob’s song when you buy the book! Why not buy the Kindle version right now for only $0.99 and you can listen to the song immediately. And while you are on Amazon please consider leaving a comment on the page. Here’s the link to buy the Kindle Version:

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And to share the joy of the day the event was recorded on YouTube! Here is the link to the recording:

Sunday Celebration Recording

Read what others are saying about “Circular Leadership”!

Circular Leadership – Together We Rise highlights the transformations that can occur when individual perspectives are shared from the heart with a collective intention and supported by a collaborative circle. Based on participants’ insights and experiences, it offers hope for a new way of being and leading that can change the world.

–Peter Russell, Author The Global Brain and From Science to God

Circular Leadership demonstrates the impact of what is possible when people with different backgrounds and belief systems come together in coherence and harmony with a common intention to be of service to humanity. This is a beautiful and powerful book.  It provides a way to break the fear-based model of power over people to a new love-based paradigm of power with people.   I highly recommend each person on the path to read this anthology and feel the frequency of the intention set by Linda Roebuck and other co-authors. Hats off to Linda Roebuck, for her leadership and spiritual wisdom in providing this work.

–James Tyberonn, Author, Channel & Founder of Earth-Keeper

Launch Day is Set!

Are you ready to do your part to change the world – to do the things that only you were preordained to do?

You only need to flip on the news or open up Facebook (or look out your own window) to be bombarded with the pains of life on planet Earth at this time. People are hurting. Systems are broken. Children are starving. And souls are suffering. However, the suffering – on the individual and collective level – can be eradicated forever and we, together, can restore human kind and our beautiful Earth back to the state of wholeness that was designed eons ago for us. The answer is right in front of us. The solution to this restoration, healing and transformation is through Circular Leadership.

Lift off with Co-Authors on Launch Day

Join us November 10, 2019, 2-4 p.m.
Unity by the Bay
4 Pointless Forest Trail, Annapolis, MD 21409

Experience the energy of evolving and leading together.
Be inspired by the impact Circular Leadership has on members.
Listen to original music, Together We Rise, by Bob Sima.
Purchase your signed copy or buy a Kindle version online to support the Circular Leadership Movement!

Go here for the details

On the way to publication

Progress continues at a fast pace! The design of the interior pages of the book are in final review. We are so close I can feel the momentum and the excitement grow every day. I can hardly hide my giddy smiles as the time to launch and begin the fun of watching the reactions and reviews come in.

Are you ready to get your hands of this informative and paradigm shifting book?